Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions businesses have when they are considering transforming the effectiveness of their business...

General Questions

Are there any hidden fees?

Your monthly subscription includes hosting, maintenance, updates and all RAVEN functionality - there will never be any unexpected or surprise costs.

What size business is RAVEN for?

While RAVEN was launched to support businesses with 5-25 employees, we've specially developed a sole-trader and small biz licence for our fellow small businesses! 
Oh - and RAVEN can support larger businesses of 25+ employees too.

Do I need *all* the functionality?

RAVEN is modular, so whilst your subscription gives you access to all functionality, we can turn off certain modules if you don't need them right now.
RAVEN helps you grow your business, so modules can be easily turned back on as you need them!

Am I locked in for a minimum/fixed term?

No - there is no minimum contract length, and your data can be fully exported in a .csv format.
You just need to give 14 days notice before the next invoice is issued.

Technical Questions

How often do you add new features?

RAVEN is constantly evolving, so regular updates, new functionality and additional integrations are rolled out to all users monthly.

We have a planned Roadmap of development for RAVEN, so if there's something you'd like added/tweaked, and let us know and we'll consider it!

Can you develop new functionality for us?

If there is a bespoke feature or change you want for your business that isn't on our RAVEN Roadmap for all clients, speak to our team about what you need and we'll price up the custom development for you to evaluate.

You get to speak to the person who built RAVEN, and our Business Team will advise on feasibility.

Is RAVEN accessible?

We will be adding options to support neurodiverse users, and improving the accessibility of RAVEN over the coming months.

Does it work on all devices?

Whilst best viewed on laptops, PCs and tablets, RAVEN can also be accessed via your smart phone or any device with a browser and internet connection.

Can I control who sees what information?

Yes - you can easily configure user types that allow you to control who can access which parts of the system.
Currently you can set access to allow someone to see only the modules they need, and either their own (assigned) data only, or all organisational data. 
Manager (team) level access is currently being developed.

Do I need a licence for every employee?

Not necessarily - but it is important for everyone using RAVEN to have their own login.
This allows you to have an audit/compliance trail (of what information was added/amended and by who), and also allows you to manage their scheduling, productivity and holidays etc.

Have further questions?

We're always happy to help - contact us or check out these resources:


A growing library of information...


Short step-by-step tutorials...

Got other questions?


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